Job, Joris en Marieke


The Dutch 'Wad' (coastal mud flats) is a strange place. At low tide, many square miles of mud flats surface between the mainland and the northern islands. The Netherlands grow and shrink with the movement of the moon. Sudden incoming tide make these flats 'sea' again, sometimes drowning hikers by surprise. The Wad does not know what to make of itself. Land, see, mud, ocean floor... Two characters (and their dog) are stranded there in that desolate place. The only dramatic elements in this comical short are the sea, the wind, the sand and a lonely sea gull. Drawn in mud and tar on wet sandpaper.

WAD gaat over de maker van deze animatiefilm, Joris Oprins, die samen met zijn lief op de wadden van Terschelling was; de wind, de zee, het zand, een hond en een eenzame meeuw spelen de hoofdrollen in deze komische korte film.

Running time: 4 min.
Release (date): september 2003
Director: Job, Joris & Marieke
Producer(s): Jos-marien Jansen for il Luster Productions
Music by: Job (OMSKI) Roggeveen
Music performed by: Cello: Janneke Godschalk
Foley and effects: Anne Parlevliet (sounddesign)
Audio mix: Jeroen Nadorp, Bob Kommer Studios