Variété is a comical animation film about a plate spinner. The youg artist starts his act by placing his parents on the revolving plate. He spins them around fast, balancing them high on top of the long pole. Then he does the same with a girlfriend and a school teacher. While he keeps several poles with plates with people in balance, he slowly grows older. His act becomes more and more hectic and difficult when more people keep turning up on stage to get spinned on plates; friends, a demanding boss, a wife ... Soon plates begin to fall.

Een korte metaforische animatiefilm waarin een ‘Chinese borden’ jongleur probeert om in een hectische en komische circusact bovenop de bordjes alle mensen in zijn leven draaiende te houden. Het zijn er echter teveel.

- Diploma for Humor at the Balkanima Festival, Belgrade
- Shortlist Academy Awards 2009
- Best Short (5 minutes) at the Krok Festival
- Film Stimulans Prijs 2009

running time: 5 min.
release (date): 2009

written, directed and animated by: Roelof van den Bergh
music by: Aram Kachaturian
music performed by: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Yuri Simonov
sounddesign: John van Bodegom
foley & mix: Jeroen Nadorp at Bob Kommer Studios
financial Support: Dutch Filmfund
producer(s): Arnoud Rijken & Michiel J. Snijders