a film by CKOE

Sad Dog

When a sad, bored and lonely dog sees a small pigeon, he thinks he has found a new playmate. But the frightened pigeon keeps flying away and the only way for the dog to follow his friend and have some company, is to fly. After some attempts the dog manages to fly, and reaches his new friends... but only for a brief moment. And dog-heaven is not quite what he expected, he remains a ... Sad Dog.

Sad Dog zoekt vriendjes om mee te spelen. Maar ook de duifjes willen niet. Bovendien kan Sad Dog niet vliegen als de duifjes....

release: 2005
duration: 2 min 12 sec

Director: ckoe
Animation: ckoe
Design: ckoe
Music: the Bunny Bonanzas
Sound: Jeroen Nadorp
Producers: Arnoud Rijken, Michiel Snijders, Jos-marien Jansen