BEK is a touching and beautifully drawn animated tale about a girl who is born with wings instead of arms and a beak where a mouth should be. Unlike a real bird though, she cannot fly because she is, after all, still a girl. Hated by her father, she is driven from home and ends up joining the circus as a freak attraction. Adopted by a not-too-bright but friendly drunken clown she settles into her niche as a circus performer. As time goes by, she longs to be a real woman, a human, but there is no place for such a bird-creature in the world outside the circus. So, she creates her own fantasy world as she dreams about the life of a normal young woman, somewhere far away from the circus. In the end, she dreams herself away from it all leaving the audience wondering if the girl was actually there, or if it was something they may have imagined - a girl with wings and a beak.

In dit verhaal wordt een meisje met snavel en vleugels direct na de geboorte door haar ouders verstoten en belandt ze in het circus buiten de stad. Daar wordt ze opgevangen door een oude clown die haar een plekje geeft. Maar ze kan niet aarden. Niet in het circus, en als ze ouder wordt, ook niet in de stad. Ze moet haar eigen plek leren creëren. Niet enkel in haar dromen, maar ook de werkelijkheid.

The jury of the Reanimacja 2005 Festival in Poland awarded BEAK with a ‘distinction’
First prize at Animacor Animated Film Festival (Spain) for Best Short Film 2005
Prize for Best Animation Film at FIKE Evora Film Festival (Portugal), november 2005

Running time: 12 min.
Release: september 2004
Director: Lucette Braune
Key animation: Peter Wassink & Bouwine Pool
Producer(s): Jos-marien Jansen for il Luster Productions
Music by: Bart van de Lisdonk, Aico Lind
Coloring: Metropolisfilm
Compositing: Metropolisfilm
Financial Support: Dutch Filmfund, City of Utrecht, Thuiskopie Fonds, RNTV